In Japan not only exists the manga and the anime like two things united to each other but also the musical groups are part of that union since, many of them, participate in the songs of the series of anime and that is why they become known within And outside the country. One such group is LArc […]

DragonBall has not yet been released and has already circulated the rumors of a trilogy. It’s really a weird thing, most of these decisions are made from the first weekend’s first-run collection numbers (although the idea of ​​a sequel is almost always present, they keep it quiet until then) Especially considering That the vast majority of fans […]

High School of the Dead (original name) is nothing more than an adaptation to the Seinen of the history of the films of George Romero (precursor in the genre of zombies) The story is basically the same as 90% of zombie cinema: a mysterious disease that spreads around the world turns the dead into carnivorous zombies, the […]

My approach to the horror anime is due to the saturation that I found in the current horror film, a little original (worth a few exceptions) which led me to quench my thirst for violence, blood and terror in another area: anime. Within its aspect of terror, the anime is very rich and a great cradle of […]

Asura present at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. The San Sebastian International Film Festival had a nice share of good anime by projecting the film Asura, produced by Toei Animation. The Japanese anime film was screened on September 25 inside the Zabaltegi Specials section without entering the competition. Asura’s argument embodies a world where hunger rages, […]

5 best animes that you should not miss. If your choice of the best animes is not defined, then today we bring our own choice of anime series that you should see at all costs. Circulating between adventures, action, fiction and mystery. There is a whole world to explore within the anime, series that awaken a spirit […]

Bakuman news , a very original manga that talks about the day to day of two mangakas who dream of publishing their work in the prestigious magazine Shonen Jump. That in turn, decided to take some ideas originated in fiction and make them reality. It is that the next edition of the magazine, which will go on […]

One Piece is now a theme park . It is building a recreational space of One Piece, manga and anime of resounding success in Japan. Still in production, the theme park will open on March 20. The Laguna Gamori resort has been the place chosen to recreate the adventures of pirate Luffy and his gang, and it […]

As you can see, the re-edition of the manga Macross 7 Trash , progresses every day more and more. This is a publication of the Japanese publisher Kadokawa . On December 26, volumes 3 and 4 of the well-known manga were published ; In addition to this, the Kodawa publishing house has shown the art , and […]

With just a tome in the market it seems that Saint Seiya Next Dimension could soon reach the anime at the hands of studio TMS Entertainment (those who are currently in charge of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas). The problem is that Toei Animation would be putting some bureaucratic / legal obstacles in the way of TMS […]