Review: Tokko

My approach to the horror anime is due to the saturation that I found in the current horror film, a little original (worth a few exceptions) which led me to quench my thirst for violence, blood and terror in another area: anime. Within its aspect of terror, the anime is very rich and a great cradle of imagination where the stories do not follow a line as trite as the current horror film and where the range of options is much larger.

Tokko was one of those first series of terror in which I get involved. The series consists of only 13 chapters where we can find gore, dismemberments (the most distinctive of the series), action and some other female nude (just for being free)

The story situates us 5 years after what is known as the Machida Incident: inside a complex of apartments in the center of Machida opened a large crater from where they emerged creatures that shattered all the inhabitants of the place , only some survived Like Ranmaru (the protagonist) and his younger sister. Through the chapters, we learn that this great crater freed 108 demons, who have inside them the necessary pieces to rearm the key that released them and re-lock them. However, the complex was closed and has constant police surveillance.

After being received as a researcher Ranmaru begins to internalize about Tokko, a special group of police that is beyond all known. The group consists of survivors of the Machida Incident who have strange tattoos that enclose one of those 108 released demons and live symbiotically with the bearer. Eventually Ranmaru will begin to see how in his arm he begins to draw an extensive tattoo and ends up joining Tokko to avenge the death of his parents.

The anime really begins very well, but with the passing of the chapters (although it is a short series) it becomes boring and it does not manage to find interesting twists, being really annoying, that the series tries to close all the loose ends during the titles Late chapter 13 , hastily, little original and leaving the door open for a possible continuation