Glenat edits Apocalypse at the Institute, a romero sleeve inspired by Romero

High School of the Dead (original name) is nothing more than an adaptation to the Seinen of the history of the films of George Romero (precursor in the genre of zombies)

The story is basically the same as 90% of zombie cinema: a mysterious disease that spreads around the world turns the dead into carnivorous zombies, the only way to stop these undead is to destroy their head. In this case, the plot takes place in Shinjuku Institute, where a group of students next to a nurse fight to survive the attack of the undead.

The manga is by Daisuke Sato and drawn by Shouji Sato, which continues to be published since September 2006 in the pages of Monthly Dragon Age.

Apocalypse at the Institute is published this Friday, May 30, by Editorial Glenat, in a volume of 168 pages at a price of € 8.95.