James Marsters confirms that he will be present in the DragonBall trilogy

DragonBall has not yet been released and has already circulated the rumors of a trilogy. It’s really a weird thing, most of these decisions are made from the first weekend’s first-run collection numbers (although the idea of ​​a sequel is almost always present, they keep it quiet until then) Especially considering That the vast majority of fans are not very happy with the direction of the film.

With DragonBall this did not happen. The trilogy was announced a few months ago and James Marsters has just acknowledged his participation in all three films. During a recital he gave at the Borderline Club in England – as Marsters also has a musician career – confirmed that he had signed for two other films.

In addition, confirmed that there will not be a Buffy movie because Sarah Michelle Gellar is not intense. We are still waiting for the final look of Goku and Piccolo. I’m very scared about this.