Larc in Ciel

In Japan not only exists the manga and the anime like two things united to each other but also the musical groups are part of that union since, many of them, participate in the songs of the series of anime and that is why they become known within And outside the country.

One such group is LArc in Ciel , also known by his followers as Laruku or LArc .

L’Arc is a J-Rock / J-Pop group composed of four musicians. Its name means ” rainbow ” although literally translates as ” the bow in the sky “.

They have been in the world of music for 15 years and have become one of the best-known music groups in the world.

Among the animes (ovas, films, series, …) that we can cite in which L’Arc participated are: Full Metal Alchemist (film and series), Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Rurouni Kenshin , …