Perfect Blue, the debut of Satoshi Kon

Perfect Blue is the directorial debut of Satoshi Kon, one of my favorite directors. Despite having a short list of works, the products of this Japanese director stand out from the rest for their great quality of argument as well as for the way of treating the human aspect of the characters . Today we will talk about Perfect Blue, his first feature film.

Psychological Thriller is an armed phrase, but it is the best way to describe products like this, works where the twists and turns are on the side with the characters disturbed and harassed by their own fears obtaining so much for the spectator as for the personages it is difficult to differentiate Which is real and is not . Satoshi takes the novel of Yoshikazu Takeuchi and creates a sweet, beautiful, violent and disturbing work of art. The scene of the rape of the protagonist is terribly disturbing and managed to annoy me a lot.

The protagonist is the young Mima Kirigoe, a Pop Star and figure of the musical trio CHAM. The problems for Mima begin when she decides to leave the group to dedicate itself completely to the race of actress. His companions do not take it wrong and decide to continue as a duet. Mima discovers a web page called El Cuarto De Mima, which describes her daily activities in detail. The paranoia of being followed and observed takes hold of Mima. At the same time the people involved in the new career as an actress die in strange and horrible circumstances. The madness takes over the protagonist more and more and a second Mima, the Mima Pop Star the asecha warning that it was not a good decision to abandon his musical career. Mima can no longer differentiate what is real and what is a dream.

Perfect Blue is a cult movie, while originally intended as a Live-Action movie , finally because budget problems were conceived in anime . The level of tension is very well achieved, and the story is seductive and opens the door to the debate. The outcome is very good, a conjunction of fantasy with reality

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