Doraemon at the Barcelona Manga Show

The Manga Salon in Barcelona is getting closer and many details about the new publications, the guests and the publishers in general are already known.

One of the news that has been released is a special exhibition of Doraemon , one of the most famous characters in Japan and, we remember, is the ambassador of the anime (by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The aim of the exhibition will be to show some of the secrets of this character . You can see the drawings (cels) that are used in the animations and also the story-boards where the script is drawn. The show will also teach different merchandising products , all exclusive to Japan.

It will also be broadcast , through a screen, an audiovisual assembly where you can see the evolution of the character. The set is a production of the Teatre Auditori of Sant Cugat, which among his latest works are the stenography of the play Spamalot Tricicle. The graphic design is in charge of Àlex Gallego, who also collaborated in the creation of the sets of the mentioned work.

Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko , after the pseudonym of Fujiko F. Fujio, created in 1969 the manga starring the robot cat Doraemon and his friend Nobita Nobi. And the success was achieved almost immediately. In fact, a series with more than a thousand episodes that was emitted without rest from 1979 to the present day and several films (that leave each year) was presage a resounding success.

But what does Doraemon mean? For it is a name composed by the name of some cupcakes, which most like Doraemon, the dorayakis. Dora emon.

The series can be followed in the autonomic channels and in Boomerang ; And the manga can be purchased from the hand of Planeta DeAgostini