Dragonball: new promotional images of the film

These last few days have been leaked to the net a handful of juicy images of the live action film Dragonball .

The first was Goku as Oozaru a few days ago and today we can bring you not one but five new images. The first two are almost identical but they are carried out by different characters: in the first we have Goku eating on a motorcycle and in the second we have Bulma riding the same vehicle.

Then we have a new photo of Roshi in an apartment we saw on more than one occasion already. Finally, we have the two most important images of this batch: two photos of Piccolo in the foreground where we confirm that the color is not what we all expected (however, it is said that Fox commented that the villain of turn will have a final transformation during The plot that will bring us to the Piccolo that we all know)