The manga Saint Seiya Next Dimension could reach the anime

With just a tome in the market it seems that Saint Seiya Next Dimension could soon reach the anime at the hands of studio TMS Entertainment (those who are currently in charge of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas).

The problem is that Toei Animation would be putting some bureaucratic / legal obstacles in the way of TMS , basically because it does not want this one to take it to the anime.

However, it must be acknowledged that TMS Entertainment’s work with Saint Seiya’s OVAs : The Lost Canvas is simply flawlessly visually (arguably I have no idea if it moves away from the original manga).

My only concern is that Saint Seiya Next Dimension still does not have much history to tell. I hope it does not happen like with Evangelion , whose manga is still being edited and is increasingly moving away from the anime (which came out first).