One Piece is now a theme park

One Piece is now a theme park . It is building a recreational space of One Piece, manga and anime of resounding success in Japan. Still in production, the theme park will open on March 20.
The Laguna Gamori resort has been the place chosen to recreate the adventures of pirate Luffy and his gang, and it is the same site where an Astro Boy park was once erected .
Surely the theme park will continue with the popularity reached by the printed and animated versions of One Piece. And it is not the first time that something similar occurs, because a few years ago a replica of the Going Merry was built , although it had to be deactivated some time later.
A phenomenon , One Piece reached more than 158 million copies sold , becoming the most read manga in the magazine Shonen Jump , and chosen as one of the best manga and anime of all time.