Bakuman News

Bakuman news , a very original manga that talks about the day to day of two mangakas who dream of publishing their work in the prestigious magazine Shonen Jump. That in turn, decided to take some ideas originated in fiction and make them reality.

It is that the next edition of the magazine, which will go on sale on August 8, will bring an extra 15-page story called Rakko. Nothing more, but for a small detail: the author of the plot is none other than Kazuya Hiramaru , one of the characters of Bakuman.Creativity is what Bakuman’s authors, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, duo responsible for the success of Death Note, among other things, are not lacking. And for the fans of Bakuman, another good news is that the manga will be adapted to the anime and will begin to show until the end of the year