5 Best Anime That You Should Not Miss

5 best animes that you should not miss. If your choice of the best animes is not defined, then today we bring our own choice of anime series that you should see at all costs. Circulating between adventures, action, fiction and mystery.

There is a whole world to explore within the anime, series that awaken a spirit of surprise and impel your creative to wake up. Let’s discover five anime options that, by their quality, catch everyone. Here are some of the best anime to see and see again.
1.- Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki accidentally absorbs the powers and abilities of a shinigami. Now his life is oriented to defend and to draw a sure path of the good souls, taking care that they are not devoured by the terrible hollows
2. Blood +: Saya Otonashi had an ordinary and peaceful life until one day he is attacked by a batsman or vampire, thus receiving a new purpose in his life, to defeat these beings that trace darkness and death for the planet.
3 .- Code Geass: After the invasion of Japan by the Holy Empire of Britannia people were called Elevens, now these continue fighting for the independence of Japan. Lelouch is the main character and creating The Order of the Black Knights becomes Zero, the one that will fight against the Knightmare Frames.
4. Fairy Tail: The adventures begin for the young wizard Natsu Dragneel and his cat Happy, they join other friends while they look for the dragon Igneel, a mystery. All their search is carried out in parallel with the missions entrusted to them by the Fairy Tail magic guild to which they belong.
5. Death Note: A great mystery is born between the pages of the Death Note notebook, the name of the people who write in it ends up being a death trial. This is how Light Yagami one day meets the Death Note of a shinigami named Ryuk, now his yearning to kill all the assassins of the planet will be possible. Soon the FBI will be after him.