How to draw a face Manga Shojo and Shonen

How to draw a Manga Shojo and Shonen face. Without forgetting that the practice does to the teachers, even on the stroke the constancy you can become a professional. Today we are going to follow a tutorial to learn how to draw manga faces in the Shojo and Shonen style.

Shojo means young woman , this category of anime is directed to the adolescent feminine public, between the subjects that cover its argument are the dramas and even science fiction, everything in a context of human relations and unfolding of the feelings.

Dragon Ball anime and Shonen Jump news

The Dragon Ball anime book and Shonen Jump novelties. A special volume of Dragon Ball, specially produced by Akira Toriyama in commemoration of the 40 years of the magazine Shonen Jump has just been released in Japan.

This new manga is based on the OVA released in 2008 during the Jump Super Anime Tour, and is surely only the first of a few surprises – among them, the publication of several new series – announced to celebrate the great anniversary

Shonen sleeve, sleeve for boys

Shonen sleeve, sleeve for boys . One of the most popular genres of all is the shonen manga, which is aimed at men between 10 and 18 years but whose characteristics is among the favorites for all ages.

Of this genre are the best known manga: Naruto , One Piece , Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Death Note, InuYasha, Reborn and many more. A lot of action and adventure more touches of humor are the traits that identify sleeves so different from each other, and the contribution of important values ​​for the formation of the smallest, such as friendship, challenge, overcoming and perseverance.

Naruto, 100 million sleeves sold

Naruto, 100 million mangas sold . A feat for manga by Masashi Kishimoto , published weekly in the magazine Shonen Jump since 1999.

It is the fifth time in history that a sleeve of Shonen Jump reaches such an important sales volume. Now Naruto is part of the select group of the most successful

Trisquel, new Spanish manga

Trisquel, new Spanish manga , created by Enkaru and published by Andrómeda, tells a story full of adventures.

Trisquel is set in Juverna, a continent invaded by giants called fomore, and the title refers to an object endowed with the powers of the four elements of nature capable of fighting such dreaded creatures.

Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor, the new season of the anime

Last week began circulating versions that indicated that the animation studio Media Factory was working on a new season of the Ikkitousen anime , which would be titled Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor.

Well, it seems that this fourth season is a reality because we have to present the first official image of it.

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