The rage and hatred against Dragonball: Evolution ended weeks after its release a few months ago (well, hate did not end nor I think it does). However, it seems that there are still things to say. In a recent interview James Marsters, the actor who played the villain Piccolo, revealed that the film had a budget of […]

Forget the iPhone and all those smartphones that are going around the world. The cell phone that all otakus will want to lay hands on has arrived. It is the SH-06A Nerv , the own mobile of Evangelion . These equipment are developed by NTT DoCoMo , one of the most important mobile operators of Japan, and […]

To talk about anime without mentioning the hentai is to omit a large part of the market that has this type of animation of Japanese origin. The hentai is purely and simply animated pornography . However, it is light years from the traditional porn (that with actors of flesh and bone) since it has a range of […]

Barack Obama, the brand new president of the United States, has been a victim of jokes and parodies since the beginning of his campaign. A few weeks ago our colleagues at showed us ” The Obama Porn Movie “, a pornographic parody of the candidate’s relationship with Sarah Palin. But now, the first black president of […]

Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone, the first of four films to revert to the successful anime series Gainax, will be released in Spain on January 30. Selecta VisiĆ³n organized an exhibition of the film that will be on display from January 30 to February 5, 2009 in Madrid and Barcelona: in the capital you can see […]

These last few days have been leaked to the net a handful of juicy images of the live action film Dragonball . The first was Goku as Oozaru a few days ago and today we can bring you not one but five new images. The first two are almost identical but they are carried out by different […]

A few weeks ago the Scream Awards were held , an awards ceremony for film, television and sci-fi, fantasy and horror comics. During the same, the IESB site managed to interview Chuck Roven, one of the producers behind the live action film Robotech According to his comments, the film would be starting filming at some undetermined time […]

The Manga Salon in Barcelona is getting closer and many details about the new publications, the guests and the publishers in general are already known. One of the news that has been released is a special exhibition of Doraemon , one of the most famous characters in Japan and, we remember, is the ambassador of the anime […]

While the live action film Dragonball has a marked Hollywood tone, from Japan accompany the release of the tape with a new animated foray organized by the magazine Shonen Jump . This is an OVA or Special, as you want to call it, where we can see the characters that we like so much again in the […]

It is no longer news that the great fashion that comes in Hollywood is the film adaptation of manga or anime, there is no doubt about it. This time we have to talk about Avatar , the anime of American origin that issues Nickelodeon. The live action film will be directed by the talented film thriller M. […]