Perfect Blue is the directorial debut of Satoshi Kon, one of my favorite directors. Despite having a short list of works, the products of this Japanese director stand out from the rest for their great quality of argument as well as for the way of treating the human aspect of the characters . Today we will talk […]

Broken Blade is a manga – also known as Break Blade – by Yoshinaga Yunosuke, which has been released in Japan since 2007. Currently, instead of launching a series of anime, they are planning nothing more or nothing less than six films – in fact they are half-length films of 50 minutes – that will be released […]

This October 13 premieres on the TV network Asahi Thriller Restaurant (Kaidan Restaurant), the animated adaptation of a horror story book by Miyoko Matsutani. Each episode consists of three stories or dishes: the appetizer, the main course and the dessert. The first two focus on Ako Ozora and the supernatural events that happen to her and her […]

Teruyuki Tsuchida is a Japanese comic actor who uses fandom otaku for his routine (although it is a declared otaku) that revealed a few weeks ago that he rejected a role that Fox offered him for Dragonball: Evolution. It was not a main character but simply a cameo , a commercial hook for the Japanese market surely. […]

I think we are many who, seeing the images that come out on the Live action Dragon Ball Z , we put our hands to the head and pray that they do not destroy the soul of the series. However, there are people who know how to do a job well , and even if it is […]

Released last January, Rosario + Vampire immediately caught the attention of the fans and was soon to confirm the second season (which would be released next October under the name of Rosario + Vampire Capu2) The plot focuses – as always – on a clumsy, sweet and introverted student surrounded by beautiful women trying to conquer it. […]

How to draw a Manga Shojo and Shonen face. Without forgetting that the practice does to the teachers, even on the stroke the constancy you can become a professional. Today we are going to follow a tutorial to learn how to draw manga faces in the Shojo and Shonen style. Shojo means young woman , this category […]

Documentaries about the manga and anime world do not abound. However, every now and then we have something interesting to comment on this item. Today we present The Fragile Heart of Moé , a documentary about the world of mangakas (the consecrated as doujinshis artists) made by the filmmakers Bharath Murthy and Alka Singh. Apparently , they […]

The Ero-Games (erotic / pornographic games for consoles ) have always been criticized both in Japan and outside the archipelago. However, now from the United States a feminist group called Equality Now demands that the Japanese government prohibit adult games because they “promote violence against women” (and the Yankee porn with humans do not?) The group focuses […]

Filming of the live action of Paradise Kiss in New York. The big apple, one of the most important fashion centers in the world, was one of the locations chosen for the filming of the feature film of Paradise Kiss. It is that only a city of its characteristics -cosmopolitan and very fashion- is able to give […]